Many seniors struggle with the idea of moving from their homes of (typically) decades and all that it entails emotionally, as well as the financials associated with a move. “Sticker shock” is probably the number one stumbling block for families trying to move forward with a decision about assisted living on Long Island, and understandably so.

Oftentimes, many seniors—as well as their family members—are truly in the dark when it comes to their total expenses on a monthly basis. The obvious items, such as food (in the home and dining out), utilities, taxes, regular home upkeep and maintenance can be hefty when you really do start to add them up. What people fail to include are expenses for such things as transportation for medical as well as social appointments and recreational activities. Social activities are critical to our quality of life and most of us take them for granted, but as we age, the opportunities to engage in activity outside the home become limited for any number of reasons. So here is the surprise: all of these services and expenses are actually included in the monthly rent in assisted living. Pay just one bill and you have taken care of everything you need to live well!

Helping families overcome their fears while dispelling their misconceived ideas about assisted living means making sure they understand all of the advantages, benefits and opportunities that can be theirs. For example, an individual renting an assisted living apartment receives three meals a day that they no longer must shop for, prepare, serve and then clean up. Essentially, they can dine out every day! Of course, since every apartment has a tea kitchen—and transportation to the grocery store is also included—they can prepare anything they want for themselves, whenever they care to. The idea is to have it all, but never lose the ability to do for yourself. And what wouldn’t you give to have someone make your bed for you every morning, dust, and do your laundry? Once the chores are handled by someone else, you are free to do those things you enjoy and perhaps always wanted to try. The barriers to a full and healthy lifestyle are shattered in assisted living: opportunity is everywhere. With an on-site movie theatre, who cares about snow? In your own home in an assisted living community, you have a library, a fitness center (with a personal trainer), card rooms, a beauty parlor/barber shop and a wellness center. But, the best part is, of course, the people; no one is ever alone unless they want to be.

So, if you still think you can’t afford assisted living, think again—there is so much more than meets the eye. You can’t afford not to consider a move that will bring all the elements that make life worth living and living well!

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