Long-Term Skilled Nursing Staff

The convenience of a skilled, on-site staff leads to better care

A large part of what makes a community special is the people. We want our residents to feel comfortable, respected and safe. Having a warm and friendly staff with clinical expertise is the key to making residents feel this way.

Gurwin has salaried, board-certified geriatricians on staff, including a full-time medical director. Timely, expert care from medical professionals our residents know and trust leads to better care and less risk of hospitalization.

Each floor at the Gurwin Center is staffed by a Social Worker (LMSW/MSW), registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, and many other specialty staff, including therapeutic recreation specialists, dietitians, and rehabilitation assistants to ensure our residents are receiving the best possible care and caring.

Beyond our expert staff, there are numerous opportunities available for intergenerational programming with local school districts, we have more than 400 community members as active volunteers, and we partner with more than 40 medical schools, universities and colleges to help train the next generation of health care professionals.

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Julieann Yerkes, RN (In-service Education Coordinator) at Gurwin since 2003

“As a clinical instructor, I love being able to educate new hires and help them adapt to Gurwin. Health care is forever changing, and we work hard to keep all our staff educated on the latest protocols and regulations so we can continue to provide safe, quality patient care.”