Long Island Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists eager to help you improve mobility and increase independence

Sometimes, the hardest part of recovery is just getting moving again.  The fear of pain, as well as the limitations in movement, can be daunting, and patients need the right treatment plan to get them back on their feet quickly, safely and comfortably.

When a patient comes to Gurwin for short-term rehabilitation, our Physical Therapists are eager help improve mobility and increase independent living.  Physical therapy exercises may include stretching, core exercises, walking and weight lifting, all with the goal of improving your endurance, flexibility and strength.  Manual therapy and education, as well as heat, cold, hydrotherapy, ultrasound and electrical stimulation may also be used, depending on each patient’s plan of care. Physical Therapy services vary from patient to patient.

Physical Therapy Services

At Gurwin, we offer a wide range of physical therapy services. Our experts not only create an encouraging atmosphere but also design exercises specifically for senior patients. Some common physical therapy services may include:

Gait Training

Therapeutic Range of Motion

Balance Retraining

Stair Retraining

Car Transfers

Our Physical Therapy staff works with other disciplines to prepare our patients for discharge, and to ensure they are able to continue progress once they return home.

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