As adult children, it’s human nature to view our aging parents through rose-colored glasses.  After all, they are the wise, strong-bodied individuals who nurtured us, then became our friends and confidants as we grew.  Often, we see what our heart wants us to see; however, as our loved ones age, it’s imperative to their health and well-being to look through a more objective lens, to evaluate whether they are safe and secure in their current living environment.  Can Mom manage the demands of the family home?  Is Dad lonely?   Are the activities of daily living too overwhelming?

When these questions begin to surface, families need to broach the subject of appropriate senior living scenarios.  Sometimes it’s clear that a parent needs to make the move: chronic health conditions, falls, or memory loss are more obvious signs, but sometimes the indicators are more subtle. 

So when is it time to investigate other living options for your loved one? The following are five telltale signs:

  1. Is dad becoming forgetful?  Is he missing taking medications, not filling prescriptions, or taking medications inappropriately? 
  2. Is mom eating properly?  Is she still preparing meals for herself, purging the fridge and shopping?  Or, is she saying she has no appetite, doesn’t want to eat alone or showing signs of weight loss?
  3. Is dad neglecting his appearance?  Does he shower regularly, or is he wearing the same clothes and avoiding basic grooming?  Is the house clean?
  4. Are mom’s bills being paid on time?  Are checks bouncing?  Is she making multiple payments or missing payment deadlines?
  5. Are your parents having social difficulties?  Are they isolated, not seeing friends and less active than they used to be?  Do they complain of being too tired to do things?

While these are certainly not the only red flags, a large change in routine and attitude may signal it’s time for a conversation about a new living arrangement.  Assisted Living communities can provide a life-enriching environment, promoting independence and freedom from the burdens of chores, meal preparation and home maintenance, plus built-in socialization.  Gurwin Jewish ~ Fay J. Lindner Residences offers vibrant community living, as well as available care options such as medication monitoring or assistance at mealtimes, giving families peace of mind knowing that their loved is living an independent lifestyle and receiving the extra personal care they might need, when they need it.   Being a member of an assisted living community can open doors to new experiences and new friendships for your loved one; for many, it’s the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in their lives.

Learn about the many lifestyle benefits that Gurwin Assisted Living residents enjoy – schedule your tour today!  631-715-8500 or visit gurwin.org/assisted-living.

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