By Patricia Duffy, RN, Director of Nursing Services

This week, May 6 – 12, is National Nurse’s Week, a week-long celebration of the caring men and women who have dedicated their careers to bettering the lives of others.  The nursing profession includes the nurse practitioner, the registered nurse, the licensed practical nurse and the certified nursing assistant –all of whom are a critical part of our health care team, providing expert care to our residents with a caring touch.

At Gurwin Jewish Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, we celebrate our nursing staff, the backbone of our facility.  They are the ones who get to know our residents and their families, often becoming like family themselves.  When asked about the best part of their job, many of our nursing staff comment on these relationships and how much they enjoy that aspect of caring for our residents. One RN notes that her best day as a nurse occurred when a resident told her she loves her…a simple reminder of the important role each of the nursing staff plays in the day to day lives of our residents.

It is not unusual for a family member to send a letter after a resident spends time with us, complementing the nursing staff and the care that was shown to their loved ones.  Phrases like “treated mom like her own mother,” and, “we felt comfortable knowing she was there when we couldn’t be” are common, and speak volumes about the work our nursing staff does, day in and day out.

Nursing at any level is a difficult, but rewarding, job.  Nurses see people at a low in their lives – when they are frightened, in pain or distressed.  But, they have an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of these individuals, and this is a role they don’t take lightly.  As important as the clinical skills they bring to the table are the empathy and understanding they employ when dispensing care, and this goes a long way in bettering the quality of life for their residents.

So this week, we formally honor our nursing staff.  But all year, we are honored to work alongside them, as they provide the highest quality care and caring to those who are at a point in their lives when they need it most.

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