Gurwin Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

Give a Gift Beyond Measure... Become a Volunteer

Some gifts are priceless. One such gift is the time our volunteers give to help our residents and Day Care registrants enjoy their days. Our volunteers work with residents, conduct small or large group programs, visit one-on-one or help residents participate in:

  • recreation activities, including games, lectures, trips and sports;
  • physical and occupational therapy;
  • visiting - both one-to-one or in groups;
  • shopping, either as a Gift Shop salesperson or as a resident escort;
  • mealtime companions;
  • clerical assistants;
  • and more!

We offer day, evening and weekend schedules for adults, teens and families. Volunteers must be in good health. An interview and orientation will be scheduled at a convenient time. Potential volunteers must provide two names and addresses of references (non-family members) for Gurwin to contact before they begin. 

Click here for the Volunteer Application Packet

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