Dear Mr. Friedman,

Thank you for your recent letter. 

Mom always had such nice things to say about all of the staff at Gurwin.  She enjoyed the many programs that Gurwin offered, and was very proud to serve on the Resident Council.  She always liked helping people, so Resident Council was for her!

Besides Resident Council, she was very involved in all the recreation activities.  She enjoyed the beading classes and drama club.  She especially loved going to the Golden Games (she loved getting the gold!).  She enjoyed the Artists in Residence program (I have so many paintings to treasure!), and recently had a wonderful time on the trip to Fire Island.  She also looked forward to the trips to the race track.

Mom was so proud to make her Bat Mitzvah last year.  I think that was one of my proudest moments, being there for the Bat Mitzvah ceremony.

Before Mom came to Gurwin, she never really did anything.  I had to fight with her to get her to go to a local Adult Program.  She used to just stay in her room.  Thank you for getting her involved in so many wonderful activities.  She made such wonderful friends, for which I will always be grateful.

Gurwin is a wonderful place, and I am so glad my Mom was part of the Gurwin family.


A family member

Dear Mr. Friedman,

I am writing this letter out of deep sorrow as well as deep gratitude.  Due to significant health needs, my mom needed skilled nursing care three years ago.  Having had my father-in-law at Gurwin two years prior to my mother's arrival, the decision was much easier on our famly.

The love and care she received by all was unparalleled.  Gurwin embraced me as a part of the Gurwin family.  Coming to Gurwin every day for the past three years allowed me to be a team member in caring for my mom.  Her needs were always met and exceeded by all who touched her life, and I encountered some truly heroic people during her stay.

My visits always started with a warm greeting at the front desk, day or night, followed by one on my mother's unit.  Then came the CNAs, who would always greet me by name, with a smile and a hug when necessary.  There was often a heartwarming story to tell me about my mom that day.  The list of wonderful Gurwin employees is infinite, and I will always remember her unit staff for their kind words and listening ears when I needed a shoulder and my mother needed some loving attention.  I so appreciate their efforts to treat her with compassion for the person she was and still strived to be.

At the end it got more difficult, as I was staying with my mom many more hours a day.  For that I wish to thank all of the nurses who took all of my calls after I left and before I got there so I could function on the outside of Gurwin.  The nurses promised me that my mom would be comfortable and continually checked on her.  That promise was kept; thank you for that.

Lastly, mother's physician on her floor was a knight in shining armor, available to adapt any treatment plan as needed.  At the end, he did what was necessary to keep my mom as comfortable as possible.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


Dear Mr. Friedman,

My family and I came to Gurwin recently to celebrate my grandmother's birthday.  To say the least, it was a perfect day.  A few days later, my mother and I were back to see the talent show with my grandmother.  During the show, we enjoyed the entertainment so much, and my grandmother was very excited to see so many of her friends singing, telling jokes and reciting poetry.  It was so inspiring to see the residents, staff members, families and volunteers enjoying this experience together.

Even though this was not the first time I attended a special event at Gurwin, it was an experience that enabled me to define what sets Gurwin apart - Gurwin operates on the assumption that the elderly and disabled want to live life to the best of their ability, enjoying each day to the fullest.

As I enjoyed one resident's rendition of "I've Got a lot of Living to Do" at the talent show, it became clear to me that this fundamental assumption is what defines the life-style that a Gurwin resident will experience at this facility.  At Gurwin, the simple yet monumental assumption that the residents in your care have "a lot of living to do" is what sets it apart from other facilities.

My experience is that the people at Gurwin show up every day with that concept in mind, and this makes Gurwin the unique, caring and compassionate place that it is.  By recognizing this distinction, the medical, nursing, rehabilitation, recreation and other staff members have created an environment where people like my grandmother can experience a meaningful life through excellent medical care, compassion and understanding.  For this chance at life that Gurwin has provided to my grandmother and so many others, I would like to say thank you on behalf of my whole family.


A resident family member

Dear Mr. Friedman,

Recently, I was a patient in your rehabilitation facility for six weeks.  Your staff saved my life, and words cannot express how grateful I am for the kindness and level of care that I received.

One does not expect to enter a rehabilitation facility and have one’s life saved there, but that is what happened to me.  The physician on my floor was instrumental in uncovering my diagnosis, and had me returned to the hospital to receive treatment.  When I returned to Gurwin, it was to get better, and the staff made that possible.

The physical therapists were wonderful, and the nursing staff was exemplary.  One nurse in particular made my days fly by, treating my pain with caring attentiveness.  His concern and gentle touch were appreciated by every resident he encountered.

I had been recommended to Gurwin by a friend, whose father had been in your care twice.  She told me the facility was clean, the food was great and the treatment was top-notch, all of which I found to be true.  In addition, my social worker understood my need to return to work, and was careful in writing the necessary letters to doctors so that I could do so, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I have told everyone I know that Gurwin is the place to go if need be.  Thank you.


A former short-term rehabilitation resident

Dear Mr. Friedman,

Recently, my family and I received a tour of the Gurwin Jewish Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.  That following Monday, my father was admitted to your facility.  Since then, I have witnessed firsthand the professionalism, compassion and care administered by your staff.

We had transferred my father from another nursing care center, where we felt the care was substandard and, quite frankly, unacceptable.  Gratefully, Gurwin has been a sharp contrast from our experiences there.

From the moment my father was admitted to Gurwin, I rested easy knowing that he is receiving the best care available.  The staff on his unit has given my family and me peace of mind.  The physical and occupational therapists have also provided us with great comfort, knowing that my father is under their impeccable care.

I don’t know how to express my gratitude to the nurses, nurse’s aides, dieticians, doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, occupational therapists, therapeutic recreation therapists, housekeeping staff and everyone else who has administered care to my father or shown him concern and kindness.  In my lifetime, I have come to know many angels who reach in during times of need.  Amongst those angels are the wonderful people at Gurwin.

With gratitude,



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