Respiratory & Ventilator Care

Housed in our Weinberg Pavilion is our Respiratory Care Unit, which provides critical care to residents who are ventilator dependent. The 28-bed unit has piped in oxygen and suction, and has the added feature of a bi-axial room design, allowing for the privacy of each resident.

Patients, including those suffering from neuromuscular and pulmonary diseases, head traumas or strokes will benefit from treatment in this unit which is staffed round-the-clock by nursing and respiratory care professionals. An interdisciplinary team including respiratory therapists; physicians; nurses; pulmonologists; nutritionists; occupational, physical and speech therapists; social workers and recreation therapists work together to ensure the quality of life for our respiratory care residents. For some patients, that may mean giving them the opportunity to speak or be mobile while still on the ventilator; for others, it may mean weaning them from the ventilator altogether and having them move to a lower level of care either within or outside of Gurwin. For all, programming is available to encourage socialization and integration with other Center residents.

In addition to full-time Respiratory Therapists, the unit is staffed by nursing professionals specially trained in ventilator care, as well as board-certified pulmonologists. All have extensive backgrounds in ventilator and critical care. For more information, contact us here.


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