Current Visitation Restrictions:




But please avoid visiting if you are not feeling well, or if you have any symptoms of a cold or the flu.



Visiting Hours:

There are no posted visiting hours; however, we ask that you respect our "Quiet Hours" from 9:00 pm - 9:00 am.


Parking is available in the lot to the west of the main building.  The driveway at the front of the building is a one-way throughway (east to west).  There is no parking at the curb at the front of the building:  the area is clearly designated a NO PARKING zone, with the exception of the area  alloted for pick up and drop off - 10 minute standing.  The Town of Huntington polices our parking lots, and issues parking tickets through the mail for violations.  Please park in clearly-marked spots.

Bulletin Board:


**All residents who are going to be leaving the facility for ANY reason need a pass.  See your unit receptionist for more information.

**Gurwin is a Kosher facility.  If you are bringing in food, only fresh fruit and packaged, clearly-marked Kosher products may be brought to the resident units.  Other food should be brought to and consumed in the "Resident/Family Brown Bag" room, located near our gift shop on the main floor.


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